6 Inf Bde Pro Unit –  ranks as at 1965 – 1968

Capt NC Allen                                                WO1 Brian Gater

Capt PJ Rogers                                              WO2 Bill Moyles

Capt MH Rose

Ssgt Fred Bennett                                         Sgt Bob Hanks

Ssgt Dick ‘Pop’ Rowe                                    Sgt Jimmy Daniel

Ssgt Brian Grimshaw                                    Sgt George Dwyer

Cpl Barry Arnold                                           Cpl Ron Brocklesby

Brian ‘Chic’ Harding                                     Terry ‘Jimmy’ Atherton

‘Tiggie’ Plowman                                          Kevin Jobson

Fred Campbell                                              John Maleary

Bill ‘Lefty’ Maxton                                        Bob Greaves

Bill Jarrett                                                      Joe Taylor

Terry Regent                                                 Alex Lambie

Dave Naris                                                    Dave Bullen

John Fowles                                                  Ted Markwick

Bob Allen                                                      John Wiseman (Tsf to 4 Gds Bde Pro)

Geoff Seaman                                               Lenny Want

Lcpl Keith Hay                                               Lcpl Allan Edgar

Graham ‘Torchy’ Phillips                             Ken Lacey

Stan ‘Jack’ Frost                                             Alan Mews

Dave ‘Smudge’ Smith                                   Robbie Thomson

Bill Turner                                                       Ron ‘Tiny’ Hick

John ‘Chico’ Wilkinson                                   Mick Newell

Ian Roberts                                                      Alan ‘Jock’ Barkess

(?) Jones                                                            ‘Paddy’ Mackle

John Westland                                                 John ‘Paddy’ Kane

Geoff Walsh                                                     Robin Buzza

Bill Dyce                                                            Mike Bliss

Eric Howarth                                                    Barry Crossley

Barry Mountford                                             Mel Cole

Mick Mobbs                                                     Bernie Walsh

Bob Rose                                                          Jack Russell

Jimmy Atkinson                                               Bill Grant

Harry Phillips                                                   Phil ‘Pip’ Croft

Pete Isted                                                         Glyn Guymer

Eric Crosby                                                       Tom Middleton

Dave Fretwell                                                   Dave MacGregor

                                                                           Terry Lambley 

Army Catering Corps – attached personnel:

Lcpls (?) Drake, Barry Drew, ‘Taff’ Adams, Jimmy Turpie, (?) Robbins


Brian ‘Jimmy’ James, Gerhard ‘Gerry’ Rossbander, Frank Huggett 

Frau Hannelore Tyrocke

Muenster Det SIB RMP

Serious offences and investigations were carried out by this detachment, based in Oxford Bks.  Among those investigators during this time were: Capt Peter Hanglin, Lt Giddings, WO2 Barry Rae, Ssgt Miles MacFarlane, Ssgt Jack Webber, Ssgt Reg Taylor, Ssgt John Horne, Ssgt ‘Jock’ Wilson, Ssgt Bob Huff, Sgts Bull, Williams, Dave Binstead, Joe Griffiths, Bob Wray and Ken Kinnersley.

It is said that friends are like stars – you don’t always see them, but you know they are there!

The following 7 photographs are from Christmas Day 1965 when Robbie Thomson was the youngest NCO, aged 18, in the Unit and had the privilege of marching his colleagues from the 1st floor Mess to the ground floor dining room for Christmas lunch.  All ‘living in’ NCOs had already been woken about 0700 hrs with ‘gunfire’ administered by WO2 Brian Gater and other senior ranks!  The same senior ranks and the OC, Capt N C Allen served lunch.

The following two photos were taken during a visit to the Mess by The Who who had been performing at the Halle Munsterland during April 1967:

Rear,L/R: (?), Gerry Rossbander, interpreter, (?), Ken Lacey, ‘Scotty’ (2 Div Pro), (?) 2 Div, Barry Crossley, Dave Smith.

Middle, L/R: Marion Simmonds, Roger Daltry, Keith Moon, Barry Arnold, Pete Townsend, Barbara (?) Simmonds

Front, L/R: Harry Simmonds, Jimmy James, Joe Taylor, Tizzy Simmonds, Grace Simmonds. The Simmonds family were frequent Mess guests. John Entwistle of The Who did not visit the Mess with the others.

The majority of the Unit were absent on Exercise when the group visited and it is thought that the two members of 2Div Pro Unit were attached to the rear party at 6 Inf Bde Pro Unit during the Exercise to boost manpower.